Mind + Body + Spirit

The human experience is characterized by three elements, Mind, Body and Spirit. They are the keys to life and vitality. These three elements share a symbiotic relationship and function together to form our experience. When these three aspects are aligned and in harmony, we are whole and complete. When there is imbalance, we need to take a holistic approach to healing by addressing all parts of an individual, not just by treating the physical symptoms that manifest

Holistic healing can be considered an alternative/complimentary approach to medicine which takes into account all factors of a person’s lifestyle including, their physical, mental, and emotional health, their spiritual beliefs, and other social and environmental factors. The aim is to bring balance to all areas of an individual’s life in order to achieve wholeness, to live healthier and to achieve peace and happiness. Let’s examine these components in greater detail so we can understand how they function together, and how we can maintain a healthy balance to make the most of our lives