About Me:


Through a trauma in 2011, I came to learn about spirituality and energy while healing myself and getting stronger for my family. For the past 7 years I have been learning about different healing techniques. Since this learning had such a dramatic effect on my life, I have chosen to move forward and take courses to help others.

In 2012 I completed a 2 year program to become a Family Constellation Facilitator through the Guelph Family Constellation Hellinger Learning Centre.

Through Family Constellation Therapy I have learned that anger/fear/anxiety are all related. I have taken the Facilitators course to help heal my soul. Now I know how powerful this therapy is I have chosen to take what I have learned to the public and help others who suffer from family patterns. "We all do". We are so much like our mother's and father's (and grandparents) and this type of work can help to accept that. It is hard, but once you do, you release so much!  And when we truly understand where we come from, life seems to make more sense. It gives us our true identity. You may have to start from the beginning. But where else are you going to start! :)

I have recently finished my Reiki Master Level training and very excited to get started with my new practice. I have learned to see energies and I feel them.

I have also started to make my own orgone devices after learning about the strong power of orgone energy. I first discovered the orgone device in 2012. I was taking a crystal healing course, with a reputable healer in Cambridge Ontario showed me some orgonite and explained the way they work. At first, I was astonished as I sensed the energy inside it,  the feedback was immediate.  This was the first time I felt something like that.  I had played with crystal energies,  but orgone energy was 20 times more effective than my most efficient crystal grids. Now I have learned to make them and share this incredible energy with others.

Life is about learning, as it never stops. My journey is still going and I am continuing to learn. I hope I can share  my learning with you.