What is Ohana Generational Healing?

Ohana Generational Healing is a modality which heals inherited family trauma that is passed down through the DNA of our Ancestors. 

Scientists have learned that our DNA carries the memories of trauma forward into each new family member, until that trauma is healed. 

This modality allows you to access that trauma and release the memories that have been stored so that you can move forward without those past traumas hindering you.

When our emotions are not given a free space to be released, they become stored within the DNA structure, and then passed on through generations.  While they may lay dormant in one sibling, they may be more apparent in another.  By honoring our ancestors stories (and giving them space to live in our hearts) we give them space to heal, forgive, find compassion and understanding, so that they too can move forward. 

This hands on energy treatment allows the healing energies to flow in through main connection points, and release the traumatic memories that are stored within.   

Ohana Generational Healing is an ideal treatment for people who are feeling stuck by family trauma, or wanting to break the patterns of hurt and pain that their family has suffered. 

*Information for description taken from Catherine Graham's description of the modality in her Ohana Generational Healing Teaching Manual. Check out her website www.ohanagenerationalhealing.com