Orgone Energy 

Experience the healing and invigorating energies of orgonite. Inspired by the research of Dr Wilhelm Reich, orgonite creates a positive and balanced environment through its energy-cleansing properties.


  • Balances ambient energy by turning the negative energy into positive energy
  • Orgonite does this continuously, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, without electricity
  • People with headache or other EMF sensitivities use orgonite to help them cope
  • Mitigates harmful effects of EMF radiation
  • Turns negative energy into positive energy
  • Purifies the atmosphere, detoxifies water, ends drought
  • Helps plants grow better, repel pests & require less water
  • Disarms and repels predatory forms of life
  • Inspires a pleasant demeanor and balanced, happier moods
  • Frequently remedies insomnia and chronic nightmares
  • Helps awaken your innate psychic senses  
  • If placed under the electrical meter outside your house , people have stated it saves on hydro 

Proof that Orgone Energy works!

All my Orgone devices are hand made. If you require a certain color or stone(s) I can work with you to make you a custom device

 A picture of my ice cube tray with my homemade “6 inch” Orgone at approximately 4 feet from my fridge/freezer


Search Google for "Ice + Orgone" to find more examples


Orgone Device
  • Orgone device or orgonite is made with a mix of organic and inorganic substance.
  • The organic substance draw the energy while the inorganic substance repel it.  Making the energy bouncing all around inside the matrix creating some kind of velocity.
  • When that energy enter into the quartz crystal,  the energy turn automatically to living (positive orgone) energy. That’s one of the main metaphysical property of Quartz.
  • Those devices had been made to transmute negative energy coming from different technologies into positive energy.  Wilhelm Reich, the father of orgone theories,  associate the positive one to living energy while the negative one to dead energy.
  • Thousand gifters around the world, attest that when they put some rightly made orgone device under a cellphone tower (commonly call gifting the tower),  the energy coming of it seem more clean, more living. 




Currently there are studies being conducted with Organite in the ocean . Here is a video of Dolphins being affected by Orgone Devices in water. (2008)